12Sep The Ocean Cleanup

Finally!  After what seems like an eternity our Micro Element Complex conditioner is ready, so the Oceansafer 300ml range is complete!  This means we can release our donation to The Ocean Cleanup, something we've been itching to do for ages.  

The Ocean Cleanup is a fantastic operation - a great plan to roll out a huge barrier to the garbage patch in the Pacific, (and then other areas of intense rubbish across our oceans) to collect waste plastic items that just float there, gradually breaking down into the microplastics that are so harmful to the food chain.  

The Ocean Cleanup will visit periodically to collect the rubbish and recycle it.  Anyway, here we are trying to explain it (badly) why not visit their site yourself, read up about it and you could support them too!

Visit their site here

Image courtesy The Ocean Cleanup

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