Mini hotel toiletries remain the default choice for most hotels.  Marrying economy with convenience, miniature hotel toiletries reduce housekeeping time and maximise guest convenience.  

We offer distinctive collections of miniature hotel guest toiletries.  A generous 35ml tube or our premium 100% recycled plastic 32ml bottle. All our mini guest toiletry collections are sure to delight your guests. Read the reviews!  All are paraben free formulations with no added colours. Recyclable packaging. Tested on us, never on animals!

For smaller establishments we are able to offer mini guest toiletries in smaller 'top-up' quantities an ideal solution for your guest house toiletries or B & B toiletries.

Ethical.  All our collections contribute to charity or charitable initiatives.  You can choose ethical mini hotel toiletries with Caroline Henry.

Environmental.  All collections are packaged in recyclable packaging.  You can choose environmental mini guest toiletries with Caroline Henry.

Economical.  All our collections are cost effective, costing less than you'd think.  You can save money on miniature toiletries with Caroline Henry. 

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