Luxury Hotel Guest Toiletries

Caroline Henry creator of luxury hotel guest toiletries . When welcoming guests into your hotel, you want to ensure they enjoy a best in class experience, and a very important part of this includes the toiletries you provide.

With our range of specially-designed, luxury hotel guest toiletries, you’ll be sure to impress and keep your clientele coming back time and time again. Each product is designed to the highest standards, are highly cost-effective, and smell divine. Plus, we never ever test on animals, only on ourselves

Paraben Free & Not Tested On Animals.

Only us, we're family owned and run, support charities for each of our ranges.

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No minimum order value! Order what you want.

Our collections span most sizes and price ranges, we are fabulous value whilst looking expensive.

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We Also Donate To Charities.

We have a budget on charity donations each year and do our best to donate as much as we can.

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Delight and surprise your guests with these sophisticated miniature toiletry collections.

Firstly, the Monogrammed 35ml tubes, which include shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, and hair and body wash. The luxury formulation contained in these elegant tubes is gently fragranced with a waterlily scent, designed to be gender-neutral so as to not interfere with your guests chosen perfume. The formulation is free from Parabens and added colours for added peace of mind.

Next, the Natur 40ml bottles, whose apothecary-style bottles are topped with cute aluminium lids, smell divine with a fragrance from one of Switzerland’s finest fragrance houses. Again the formulations are free from Parabens and added colours as we want to minimise unnecessary chemicals.

With their distinctive styles ,customers have found these products not only sit beautifully in the hotel bathroom, but improve guests’ bathroom experience (as evidenced by countless unprompted testimonials), and more often than not, improve the hotel’s bottom line.

Every Natur bottle sold helps contribute to our tree-planting programme, Treevive.


Hotel Soap - Another bathroom essential. Our selection of carefully-crafted vegetable soaps offer a fresh, enticing fragrance, and come in waterproof wrappers, so there’s no mess whilst they’re sitting by the basin. Much appreciated by housekeepers.

For guests with even higher expectations, the oatmeal soap is kind and soothing, gently exfoliating, and being embossed with the Caroline Henry logo adds a distinctly superior look.

Dispensers and Re-fillers

In the modern world, investing in environmentally friendly beauty products is a must for any business, and that includes the hotel industry.

Our Micro Element Complex range are part of our OceanSafer programme, meaning a percentage of sales goes straight to marine charities. The products themselves are luxurious, and leave skin and hair smelling and feeling fantastic. The fragrance is created by one of France’s oldest fragrance houses and is widely approved by guests. Operators really appreciate the cost-saving of refilling the dispensers using the highly cost-effective 5 litre refillers.

Stocking up on our range of re-fillers means you’ll be leading the industry standard, and who wouldn’t want to do that?

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