Environmentally Friendly Hotel Toiletries

Caroline Henry – creator of fine hotel shampoos and soaps with an eco-friendly bias. . From 100% recycled packaging to refillable dispensers, we have a solution to delight your guests, appease your accountant and help reduce your environmental footprint. No need to compromise.

Paraben Free & Not Tested On Animals.

Quality formulations and fine fragrances from a family-owned and run business.

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No minimum order value! Order only what you need.

Each collection available in varying size packs to suit every establishment.

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Eco-Friendly Hotel Complimentary Products

A choice of eco-friendly hotel toiletries to complement your décor, guest profile and budget.

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Many guests continue to express a preference for miniature hotel toiletries – often from a perceived hygiene perspective. They are also increasingly environmentally conscious. The two demands are no lomger mutually exclusive. Our miniature collections include a 100% recycled plastic option, so as long as you recycle them we can create a virtuous cycle of reuse. All our miniature products are fully recyclable.


Hotel Soap - Another bathroom essential. Our selection of carefully-crafted vegetable soaps offer a fresh, enticing fragrance, and come in waterproof wrappers, so there’s no mess whilst they’re sitting by the basin. Much appreciated by housekeepers. For guests with even higher expectations, the oatmeal soap is kind and soothing, gently exfoliating, and being embossed with the Caroline Henry logo adds a distinctly superior look.

Dispensers and Re-fillers

The ultimate eco-friendly hotel toiletry option is surely a refillable bottle. Choose our dispenser bottles to re-use and re-use again, whilst housekeepers can quickly and easily refill from highly cost-effective 5 litre refillers.

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