Environmentally Friendly Hotel Guest Toiletries

It is a fact of life that every human action has an impact on the environment, especially travel and packaging. Because we are directly involved in both we decided it was time to ameliorate the impact we have on the environment and, by association, help you acheive your green goals, too.

Firstly everything's recyclable.  Whatever we do with our packaging, it relies on you to recycle it at its end of life in order to minimise the environmental impact.  You knew that already though, didn't you?

For a 100% recycled plastic option, choose our Natur collection for your eco-friendly hotel toiletries. Both bottles and lids are made from 100% recycled plastic.  So in choosing this option you are really striding purposefully towards a massive reduction in the environmental impact of your guest toiletries.  Furthermore, these are recyclable, so promoting a virtuous cycle of use.

For the ultimate in maximising use and reuse, choose our hotel dispenser toiletries which feature reusable and refillable bottles with a handy pump dispenser.  Once levels are getting low, all your housekeeper has to do is top it up from a bulk 5 litre refiller.  Bottles are of course, recyclable.

Finally don't forget the tube hotel toiletries.  Compact and very light, tubes use significantly less material to make than a bottle making them less harmful to make and also less environmentally damaging to transport because of that built-in lightness.  Being fully recyclable again eases the burden on the environment.

Do get in touch if you want to find out more about future plans to make our collections even greener.

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